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5 recommendations for Yu-Gi-Oh

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The Brightest Spot by Fitsofrage
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh
Pairing: Seto Kaiba/Jounouchi Katsuya
Submitted by: Xeny
Rec ID: 02109
One day, Jou runs into a brick wall. Said brick wall could care less.
The Good Child by SilverLily aka Blood Moon
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh
Pairing: Yami no Yuugi/Yuugi
Submitted by: Leopardus Pardalis
Rec ID: 01527
"A good spirit somehow slipped into the murky depths of Hell. What happens when Death can't bring himself to kill it?"

Some what of an emotional darkfic, with a happy ending nonetheless. If you're unsure, read the first chapter; it will get you hooked.
The Wrong Idea by Shimisaki-kun
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh
Pairing: Kaiba/Jou
Submitted by: Xeny
Rec ID: 01776
When Kaiba and his golden puppy once again are fighting, they are caught on tape in a compromising situation. What happens when the tape is broadcasted over national television and they’re outed as a couple in front of the whole of Japan? Incomplete, but well worth the read.
Special Request Hour by Wicabeth
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh
Pairing: Kaiba/Jou
Submitted by: Xeny
Rec ID: 01777
Joey finds he has a secret admirer on the radio
Into the Shadows by The Otherworlder
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh, Lord of the Rings
Pairing: (slight) Yugi/Yami
Submitted by: kiihau
Rec ID: 02032
"Yugi has had his share of bizarre experiences, but suddenly finding himself in a dwarven mine filled with strange beings is a little too much, even for him. Lord of the Rings crossover"

Not something you would term Good Fic, this is a case of Better Than It Sounds. Much better. Read. Rejoice. Review. Ignore the slight Aragorn bashing. It is worth it.

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