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2 recommendations for X1999

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The Darkest Night by Sakura no Miko
Series: X1999
Pairing: Subaru/Seishirou
Submitted by: konekocookie
Rec ID: 00975
It's incomplete, but with only the finale and epilogue to go.

The way that the authoress writes angst actually makes you ache with the characters. The plot is AU but done in such a way that you believe it. There is so much beauty in this. From the descriptions of a rag doll to the descriptions of the way Subaru feels.

The classic themes of love and death are echoed here from the original canon, but it's so refreshing to see Subaru dedicated to Seishirou, rather than constantly trying to push him away. The authoress also understands the absurdity of Subaru's love, and doesn't just blindly allow the relationship to blossom.

Even though this fiction is incomplete, you can see that the end is very close and it should be done before christmas. The most beautiful X1999 fanfiction I've ever read.
Sakura and Snow by Natalie Baan
Series: X1999
Pairing: Seishirou/Subaru
Submitted by: ryuuta
Rec ID: 01090
The undoubtedly best Tokyo Babylon/X fiction I've come upon. The characters seem real and even though Seishirou is cold-hearted, his love for Subaru will make readers forgive him. It's amazing to follow how he learns to feel and trust. Of course, the hot sex just might be part of his appeal...

No wonder it has also acquired some awards:

The CLAMP Fanfiction Awards 2000 --Best X/1999 Fanfic
--Best Drama Fanfiction
--Best Continuing Fanfiction

Aestheticism Fanfic Competition 2 --Best NC-17
For: Alone in the Dark (a Sakura and Snow side story)

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