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4 recommendations for Transformers: 2007 Movie

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Cover Me by Black Dragon Queen
Series: Transformers: 2007 movie
Pairing: Various
Submitted by: fancyspinner
Rec ID: 01762
With moments that are serious, funny, characters that evolve, and backstory this story has it all! Highly recommended. Updated daily! Barricade, injured from a fight with Starscream, finds Sam with an odd request- a truce between himself and the Autobots. However with the remaining Autobot’s on their way, what will happen to our favorite interceptor?
Domestic Disturbance by StarShineMB
Series: Transformers: 2007 movie
Pairing: Starscream/Megatron, Starscream/Optimus
Submitted by: watermoonj
Rec ID: 01786
Conceptions of the Self by ChangeIsJustifiable
Series: Transformers: 2007 movie
Pairing: Sam Witwicky & Bumblebee
Submitted by: watermoonj
Rec ID: 01825
Sore throats, nightmares, and the differences between organics and Cybertronians - something is terribly wrong with Sam. To live is to evolve, and shape alone is not enough. Think of it as a mutual learning experience. Bot!Sam Bee/Sam

The Human Series by Keelywolfe
Series: Transformers: 2007 movie
Pairing: SamxBee
Submitted by: zeeharan
Rec ID: 01833
Probably the best SamxBee fic out there. Takes place before the second movie and starts with Forms of Life. Great plot and some fantastic steamy sex scenes!

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