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3 recommendations for The Mummy

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Timeless. by URReckless.
Series: The Mummy.
Pairing: none.
Submitted by: starkiller
Rec ID: 00491
A very poignant, evocative piece from the point of view of Ardeth Bey, wondering on the mysteries of life and love. Incredible imagery, beautifully written, just lovely.
Unexpected Comfort by Kay
Series: The Mummy
Pairing: Jonathan/Ardeth
Submitted by: IceJuunanagou
Rec ID: 00597
Upset over losing Rick to Evie, Jonathan finds comfort in a most unexpected place.
Something to Live For by Lelia
Series: The Mummy
Pairing: Imhotep/Rick O'Connell
Submitted by: Creole
Rec ID: 00710
This is a fic of the sort that will convert you to The Mummy fandom. Very hot; disappointingly, the author has not updated in about 2 years, and the promised sequel is unlikely to be posted. NC-17; rapefic. O'Connell saves Imhotep's life, but has also foiled his plans. Imhotep punishes and rewards him all at once.

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