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2 recommendations for The Faculty

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The Weight Of Being by pari106
Series: The Faculty
Pairing: slight, slight Casey/Zeke
Submitted by: czechangel
Rec ID: 01085
I know, I know. This isn't really heavy on the slash and the tiny bit that does comes in is at the end, but I promise you it's worth it.

It's such a good little story that just kicks the ass of the movie hands down. It provides a nice backdrop to the characters and a good look inside of Casey's head. And that's always cool.
A House Drawn by Kay the Cricketed
Series: The Faculty
Pairing: Zeke Tyler/Casey Connor
Submitted by: Maara D Laima
Rec ID: 01950
Post!film, Casey x Zeke. In which Zeke can handle alien invasions, but it_s his own house and his own head that are going to screw him over in the end.

You can read this story even if you haven_t seen picture.

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