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3 recommendations for The Big Valley

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For All Eternity by qbv
Series: The Big Valley
Pairing: Heath/Jarrod
Submitted by: Andromeda
Rec ID: 00819
In a visit to a San Francisco bathouse, Jarrod meets a young man he can't forget, only to discover, one year later, it's his half-brother, Heath. This is not one of my usual fandoms, but its rarity picked my curiosity. This is a powerful story, the story of an unstopable passion, a forbidden love in a time and age less forgiving that ours. Jarrod and Heath love each other, but their way to happiness isn't an easy one, for both themselves and their family. Angst and hot sex. Warning: incest.
F by C
Series: The Big Valley
Pairing: H
Submitted by: kountry
Rec ID: 01708
Broken Road by Chaps1870
Series: The Big Valley
Pairing: Jarrod Barkley/Adam Cartwright
Submitted by: kountry
Rec ID: 01709
Another one of Chaps1870 masterpieces. Adam and Jarrod are old college friends, who drifted apart due to their attraction to one another. Adam comes to San Francisco to renew their friendship and the resulting relationship leads them on a complex road that could threaten everything.

This story is filled with moving and sometimes gutwrenching descriptions that truly give you a feel for the characters. It is truly a masterpiece.

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