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4 recommendations for Spiderman

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My Name is Inigo Montoya by zahra
Series: Spiderman
Pairing: Peter Parker/ Harry Osborne
Submitted by: czechangel
Rec ID: 00980

"I loved you," Harry says. "I would've done anything for you."

Peter -- Spider-Man blinks. "Nothing has to change."

I adored this so, so much. I can feel my heart being crushed for Harry. This is exactly how the Peter and Harry's confrontation should have gone. The characterizations and wording are perfect. Just go read.
You won't be disappointed.
Irresponsibility by Bernice
Series: Spiderman
Pairing: Peter/Harry
Submitted by: raja_stanie
Rec ID: 01405
Simple, laid-back fluff piece. Not enough Peter/Harry stories out there to begin with. This is one of the rare ones without violence/rape between the two. It's short and sweet. A touch of melancholy with a look at the possiblity of a future between them.
Black Sustenance by Famira Damaris
Series: Spiderman
Pairing: Venom/Spider man
Submitted by: watermoonj
Rec ID: 01459
Eddie Brock thought at first that his hatred for Spiderman, for Peter Parker, would never change. But as he and the Symbiote merge into the creature known as Venom, he finds that hatred isn't as simple as it seems...

Comment : This story will make you crave for more. Really! it great.(long and WIP)
The Selfish Spider by Master of Slanted Edges
Series: Spiderman
Pairing: Johnny Storm/Peter Parker
Submitted by: zephtastic
Rec ID: 01564
A Fantastic Four/Spiderman cross over. Author's summary: "Johnny Storm was a jackass and could go join Fate in the club."

Basically a very entertaining and cute fic about how Peter Parker fell in love with the world's biggest player.

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