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1 recommendations for Scrubs

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Just Like House But Without The Limp by rionaleonhart and gayjunglefever
Series: House, Scrubs
Pairing: Mentions of Cox/JD and House/Wilson
Submitted by: Nozomi
Rec ID: 01290
SO AWESOME. The dialogue alone deserves awards. The SNARK. The entire fic consists of House trying to prove that JD and Dr. Cox are sleeping together. I've seen maybe three episodes of Scrubs and I could still tell the characterizations of Dr. Cox and JD were spot-on. And. House and Dr.Cox going head-to-head. I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THE GENIUS.

"Oh, please. Did you actually think that I wouldn't notice?" House asked, making an exaggerated show of inspecting his fingernails, his feet propped up on the chair opposite him. "I'm a doctor. Love is one of the easiest diseases to diagnose. Unfortunately, not always so easy to treat, especially not in as advanced a case as this one."

Dr. Cox spluttered.

"Well, Sherlock," he said, as soon as he was able to manage something slightly more understandable than an incoherent bellow of rage, "I don't know what you think you've been seeing between me and Newbie, but – "

"I just told you," House said, shifting his focus from his fingernails to Dr. Cox. "If you're too much of a moron to have picked up on it from that, I can make it even clearer for you, because I'm just that nice: he's in love with you, you love dominating him, and if you're not already having aggressive controlling sex in the janitor's closet I can guarantee that it'll be happening soon."

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