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1 recommendations for Nightwalker

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Right Kind of Wrong by Delilah deSora
Series: Nightwalker
Submitted by: aubergineautumn
Rec ID: 01022
Nightwalker is a vampire animae series. However, not much fic is written for it, and in any case, deSora has sufficiently altered the universe that this is definitely AU.

Cain/Shido breeding fic by Delilah deSora and others.

Pick your flavor from the many different stories in the authors' version of the Nightbreed Universe. Click on the author's name above, then when the webpage opens up, click on the left hand side BANNER that says "Nightwalker Fan Fiction," rather than the story links beside it, in order to get an introduction & better understanding of what story arc will better suit your reading preferences.

Otherwise, just choose my preferred arc, where Shido is a total uke: Right Kind of Wrong.

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