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5 recommendations for Matrix

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Beautiful Day by Joules
Series: Matrix
Pairing: The Twins
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 00977
One of the few Matrix fics that portrays the Twins as what they are: programmes. It shows their awakening interest in and exploration of human emotions.
If you're interested in more fics about the Twins, you can visit Joules website and read some really nice (password protected) lemon fics.

Beautiful Day is the first fic in an ongoing series.
Incarnate by radishface
Series: Matrix
Pairing: Neo/Smith
Submitted by: valisis
Rec ID: 01236
"Thomas Anderson is only a human, falling in love one day, falling out of it the next. But when the machine stays loyal, your past can come back to haunt you. Reincarnation isn't just a program."

Beautiful. I love the way this author uses words.
Silicon by radishface
Series: Matrix
Pairing: Neo/Smith
Submitted by: valisis
Rec ID: 01237
"(spec fic) The rebels have won the war, and the Matrix is breaking down without the machines to maintain it. Neo goes in for the last time to salvage something from the wreck."
Lethe by Ironical Jester
Series: Matrix
Pairing: Neo/Smith
Submitted by: WatermoonJ
Rec ID: 01435
Greate story line.

Long and reality.

And it fininsh with happy ending.

ps. sorry the story link no longer work. author had remove her story.

The Next Step by Elisabeta
Series: Matrix, Megaman, Mentalist
Pairing: Mavrick/Ice Man
Submitted by: Va Lady
Rec ID: 01975
Ice helps Mav deal with the loss of Goose.

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