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10 recommendations for Law And Order

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The "Choices Made" Series: by Cassatt
Series: Law and Order
Pairing: Jack Mccoy/Ed Green
Submitted by: lynk13
Rec ID: 00532
A Masterpiece! Cassatt's Law and Order work "The Choices Series" is still in progress,but the first five parts keep you spellbound and eager for more of this tasty romantic mystery. I've been lucky enough to see a preview of part 6 and it is wonderful. The pairing is Jack McCoy/Ed Green.While I was initially skeptical about the pairing, I'm a Jack/Ed addict now. Cassatt's writing (which was previously mostly in the Star Trek:Voyager fandom) is always polished and the characterizations right on target. But this series is a step above and beyond. From the moment Jack unexpectedly meets Ed in a gay bar, and on into the investigation of the mystery, this series is sexy,sweet, steamy and suspenseful! Mccoy and Green's interactions with the rest of the Law and Order cast, especially Lennie Briscoe, are so well done, its like watching the show ,(well, if they unbent enough to show slash pairings!) The first part is entitled "Sidebar". and yes, we do get to vicariously enjoy Ed going for a ride with Jack on his motorcycle. The bedroom scenes are never boring anatomical descriptions, but erotica so beautifully and deliciously depicted, you'll need an air conditioner to cool off.
New York Rain: The Series by Triggerfish
Series: Law and Order
Pairing: Mike Logan/Jack McCoy
Submitted by: lynk13
Rec ID: 00533
This pairing: Logan/McCoy, has generated many stories.But none are anywhere close to the plausibility and steaminess of this series. Mike is depressed, and goes out jogging one rainy night. (just after Ben stone has left town) when he meets an interesting man. The next day at work, he goes to meet the new EADA. Guess who? Triggerfish starts with this wonderful PWP opening, and shows the relationship getting deeper and deeper despite Jack and Mike's own resistance. This relationship, and the series, travels from great fun smut, to very serious romance and commitment. Dont forget to read the one part that has no sex, just friendship between unlikely allies. Her own description is the best recommendation and it is so true:"Midnight on 67th Street proves that slash doesn’t have to have sex in it, and a good story will take you as far as you want to go -even a pool room can hold promise"
At First Sight Series. by Dorothy Marley
Series: Law and Order
Pairing: Mike Logan/Ben Stone
Submitted by: lynk13
Rec ID: 00534
When I saw this series initially, Mike Logan/Ben Stone seemed a very unlikely pairing. Dorothy manages to make it very believable while staying true to the characters. In this series, Mike, a young beat cop, meets Ben when he has to testify in a child abuse case. The story is very carefully plotted, weaving the investigation of two cases into the story of Mike and Ben's increasing mutual attraction. Mike temporarily gets a change to do his first case work with a homicide detective (Max Greavy). All of the important life events that form Mike's character are woven into the story: his mother's abuse, the pedophile priest, his reputation as a "ladies man" and his temper and difficulty with serious relationships. This series is romantic and passionate at times, but the best thing about it is the way she creates carefully drawn portraits of Mike and Ben, which make you understand the "why" of this pairing.
Erin Go Boom! by Dorothy W.
Series: Law and Order
Pairing: Mike Logan/Ben stone
Submitted by: lynk13
Rec ID: 00543
This is a wonderful tale, that continues from the story "The Bald and The Beautiful". Ben Stone has returned for a brief visit to NYC after his self imposed exile in Europe, he and Mike reconnect, and sparks fly. In this sequel, Ben and Mike go to Ireland to a rustic cottage owned by Ben's grown daughter. This story gives a very intriguing and believable background look into to both Ben and Mike's lives. However, unfortunately, disaster strikes, and it appears that Ben is finally realizing how precious a gift he has had in his relationship with Mike. Won't say more for fear of spoiling. Starting the story "The Bald and the Beautiful", and "Mike goes to Mooseland" definitely recommended for your reading enjoyment.
Not Just a River in Egypt by Melody Clark
Series: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Pairing: Fin/Munch
Submitted by: kickingbird
Rec ID: 00766
No SVU slash listed so adding this one from Melody
Dirty Little Secrets by Cheyne
Series: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Pairing: Olivia Benson/Alex Cabot
Submitted by: nerocorvo
Rec ID: 01032
This is a crossover story between SVU and Head Of State. Anything by Cheyne is worth reading, but I especially have enjoyed this story and the story that is its sort-of sequel, which is linked at the end of this story...
Scents And Sensibility by Cheyne
Series: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Pairing: Olivia Benson/Melinda Warner
Submitted by: nerocorvo
Rec ID: 01033
Read, I tell you, read!! Cheyne has outdone herself with this pair of stories. (The sequel is linked at the end of this story.) We want more, Cheyne!
Texas Hold 'Er by Cheyne
Series: Law and Order (all series)
Pairing: Olivia Benson/Abby Carmichael
Submitted by: nerocorvo
Rec ID: 01034
The story that started the phenomena that is Cheyne. (Law&Order and Law&Order: SVU Crossover) A must read for fans of the fandom and the pairing and of quality writing. The story contains 3 parts, thus far and they are linked together at the bottom of each story segment.
The Way We Were by Cheyne
Series: Law and Order (all series)
Pairing: Nora Lewin/Maxine Gray
Submitted by: nerocorvo
Rec ID: 01035
Crossover with Judging Amy... A challenge-fic that brought out some of the best of Cheyne's considerable abilities...
Luck of the Draw by Kikkimax
Series: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Oz
Pairing: Chris Keller/Tobias Beecher, Other pairings shall remain a surprise
Submitted by: ScarletFBL
Rec ID: 01668
Elliot Stabler goes undercover in Em City.

Well written, and highly recommended.

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