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2 recommendations for Justice League

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Wally Verse by
Series: Justice League
Submitted by: LadyComet
Rec ID: 01988
This is a long series, it has two complete books and a third in progress. It has jealousy, angst, time travel, dimension hopping, kidnapping, and Bruce spending large amounts of cash. All the characters are in character. This is a series that I re-read often.
Pataphysics by QuasiDreamer
Series: Justice League, Young Justice
Pairing: Wally West/John Stewart
Submitted by: ditzy1000
Rec ID: 02122
Summary: “Wally hates John Stewart, but not as much as he hates himself.”

The author has blended the Young Justice and JL/JLU universes into something else entirely. Wally West is going through some very raw emotions while dealing with an unsettling “realization”. In the meantime, John Stewart takes up the Green Lantern mantle and is trying to befriend Kid Flash and his teammates.

Lots of dark humor and powerful characterizations, never read a Wally/John fic like this before.

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