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14 recommendations for House

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Anything for Charity (aka The Tux Story) by Michelle Christian
Series: House
Pairing: House/Wilson
Submitted by: Sam M
Rec ID: 00931
It's all about the Formal wear.

Defensive Strategies by Milkshake Butterfly
Series: House
Pairing: House/Wilson
Submitted by: Sam M
Rec ID: 00968
n which Wilson has a problem, House has a cunning plan, girls hunt in packs, chocolate cake has unexpected dangers, furniture is unintentionally ordered, several conversations occur, and dinner is repeatedly served. Starring House, Wilson, House & Wilson's Issues, Cuddy, an Original Female Character, and the Original Female Character's Breasts.
Treating the Symptoms by Miss Murchison
Series: House
Pairing: House/Foreman
Submitted by: ayame28
Rec ID: 01089
Very funny short fic with a lot of great lines from both House and Foreman. House and Foreman have lunch, a scuffle and then it progresses from there. I love the cards that Foreman hands out! Truly a funny and light-hearted story.
The Truth Begins in Lies by Macx
Series: House
Pairing: House/Wilson
Submitted by: rene994
Rec ID: 01095
AU with a paranormal element. 'He would never forget the sight of his best -- and probably only -- friend lying on the ground, a shard of glass sticking out the side of his neck, and a raving madman being wrestled off the prone doctor.'
This story has a sequel called 'White Lies.'
Fallback by wanderingwidget
Series: House
Pairing: House/Wilson; Wilson/females; House/Stacy
Submitted by: porcelaindoll
Rec ID: 01225
Wilson's forgotten how they ended up together in the first place, but now together seems to be their default state.

Really great fic that shows how House and Wilson don't know how to not be there for each other.
Just Like House But Without The Limp by rionaleonhart and gayjunglefever
Series: House, Scrubs
Pairing: Mentions of Cox/JD and House/Wilson
Submitted by: Nozomi
Rec ID: 01290
SO AWESOME. The dialogue alone deserves awards. The SNARK. The entire fic consists of House trying to prove that JD and Dr. Cox are sleeping together. I've seen maybe three episodes of Scrubs and I could still tell the characterizations of Dr. Cox and JD were spot-on. And. House and Dr.Cox going head-to-head. I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THE GENIUS.

"Oh, please. Did you actually think that I wouldn't notice?" House asked, making an exaggerated show of inspecting his fingernails, his feet propped up on the chair opposite him. "I'm a doctor. Love is one of the easiest diseases to diagnose. Unfortunately, not always so easy to treat, especially not in as advanced a case as this one."

Dr. Cox spluttered.

"Well, Sherlock," he said, as soon as he was able to manage something slightly more understandable than an incoherent bellow of rage, "I don't know what you think you've been seeing between me and Newbie, but – "

"I just told you," House said, shifting his focus from his fingernails to Dr. Cox. "If you're too much of a moron to have picked up on it from that, I can make it even clearer for you, because I'm just that nice: he's in love with you, you love dominating him, and if you're not already having aggressive controlling sex in the janitor's closet I can guarantee that it'll be happening soon."
A Modest Proposal by Ignaz Wisdom
Series: House
Pairing: House/Wilson
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01410
An alternate ending to the Tritter arc.

"Tritter's case against House still depends on subpoenaed testimony from Wilson. To save House from losing everything, the doctors of PPTH decide on an unusual solution, which in turn leads to unexpected consequences. This is a story about the sacrifices we make that turn out not to be such great sacrifices after all."

Long and well-written.
Series: Desperate housewives
Submitted by: Drew4wincest
Rec ID: 01448
Learning is Hard by jdr1184
Series: House
Pairing: House/Wilson
Submitted by: toshizou
Rec ID: 01601
Well written and the interaction between House and Wilson is not only believable but funny and endearing. Short and sweet.
Already Spring by Melody Clark
Series: House
Pairing: House/Wilson
Submitted by: joeypants
Rec ID: 01624
She actually knows how to plot and write characters.
Untouchable by bookgodess15
Series: House
Pairing: House/Chase
Submitted by: Bliss
Rec ID: 01710
Twenty Years of Stealing My Food by hwshipper
Series: House
Pairing: House / Wilson
Submitted by: i_banquet
Rec ID: 01817
House Wilson long established relationship backstory over twenty years, from first meeting all the way up to canon.
Us and them by bookgodess15
Series: House
Pairing: Greg House/Robert Chase
Submitted by: Maara D Laima
Rec ID: 01880
It wasn_t two days ago that I rescued you from your burning apartment, and now look at you—unable to even look at me. I don_t understand why you_re doing this... and I hate it
Worlds Away From Who I Was by bookgodess15
Series: House
Pairing: Greg House/Robert Chase
Submitted by: Maara D Laima
Rec ID: 01918
The last thing Chase needs in his life is dreams of House--unfortunately, they don_t seem to be stopping. S4 AU

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