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3 recommendations for Hot Fuzz

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Long Shot by Kass
Series: Hot Fuzz
Pairing: Nick/Danny
Submitted by: silverkat
Rec ID: 01427
Lovely and sweet post-movie fic.

If this isn't happily-ever-after, Nick thinks, it's damned close.

Days click by like slides in a slideshow. Click: Nick's on his early-morning run, everyone in town greeting him as he jogs past. Click: he's doing paperwork at the station, keeping his records tidy. One never knows when something wild is going to come along -- a bus full of inebriated circus performers, say, or teenagers spraypainting slogans on the local cows. Stranger things have happened in Sanford, and now that he's been promoted to inspector, he feels even more responsible for the town he's come to love.
Don't Drink, Don't Smoke (What Do You Do) by minervacat
Series: Hot Fuzz
Pairing: Gen with Danny/Nicholas & Fraser/Kowalski tones
Submitted by: silverkat
Rec ID: 01483
Short Summary...

Fraser and Ray go on holiday in England, end up in Sandford, and team up with Danny and Nick.

This is a truly awsome fic. Firstly, it's a cross between Due South and Hot Fuzz. And not only that... it's a GOOD crossover. All the voices fit the characters to a tee.

Read it. If you don't have a smile throughout, I'll give you a cookie.
Bend Hard by Basingstoke
Series: Hot Fuzz
Pairing: Nicholas/Danny
Submitted by: aberration
Rec ID: 01631
Simultaneously silly and touching, much like the movie.

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