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4 recommendations for Homicide

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Too Many Tin Men Here by Sugaree
Series: Oz, Homicide: Life on the Street
Pairing: Kellerman / Lewis & Beecher / Alvarez
Submitted by: Jackie
Rec ID: 00006
It's a long series, but it really nails all the characters from both shows and it's damn good too. I was a fan of Homicide, but it made me interested in Oz and got me to watch the show.
Shadow Self by Pamela Rose
Series: Homicide: life on the street
Pairing: Bayliss/Pembleton, Bayliss/Chris Rawls
Submitted by: rjvicks
Rec ID: 00083
The best Frankentim on the net. Takes place during sixth season H:Lots after Timmy comes out. Be sure to check out the two prequels as well-- "Grand Opening" and Homicide: Life on the Side."
The Awakening by Beth
Series: Homicide: Life on the Street
Pairing: Bayliss/Chris Rawls
Submitted by: MaggieCat
Rec ID: 00202
Beth's Chris/Tim fics are all wonderful--sensuous and sexy and full of fabulous characterization--but this is the most warm, comfy, melting one of all.
Lunar Eclipse In G Minor by Wax Jism
Series: Due South, Homicide
Pairing: Bayliss/Kowalski, Fraser/Kowalski
Submitted by: drannoc
Rec ID: 00785
Okay, here we go: This guy walks into a bar...
Ray Kowalski walked into a bar. It was just a bar, pretty nondescript - From the top: This guy walks into a gay bar ...
Once more, with feeling. Ray Kowalski walks into a gay bar for the first time in many moons, with the intent of getting laid.

Why was I driven, cackling gleefuly, to rec this particular fic among the piles of really pretty good DS fic I've been wallowng in? One word: voice.
This is a really fine example of something all too rare among writers - real storytelling. Not *narrative* - this is not a slam to those prefer a more distant style - but story*tell*ing.

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