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2 recommendations for Fruits Basket

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Seven Minutes by DarkMoonLust
Series: Fruits Basket
Pairing: Kyo/Yuki, Haru/Momiji, Hatori/Tohru, Uotani/Hanajima, etc....
Submitted by: Vampire Chocobo
Rec ID: 01594
Gold Dust by Lishy the Po
Series: Fruits Basket
Pairing: Hatori/Shigure/Ayame
Submitted by: lifeline
Rec ID: 01623
Mabudachi Trio slash.

Mabudachi fanfiction with all three in a properly developed relationship is extremely hard to come by... and this is pure gold! So much emotion is twisted into every sentence and the careful details surrounding the entire idea are surreal. The anxiety, innocence, and playfulness of the moment Shigure stumbles on makes you want to wrap all three boys up in a hug! This is a smooth, easy read that lingers in your mind like a piece of rich chocolate... if only the author would continue putting out such gems.

NOTE: This particular story is one from a set four stories based on this pairing. Gold dust is the sweetest out of the four, but if you want to read something just as well written but more smutty, the story order is as follows.
1. Tonight (sweet)
2. Gold Dust (sweet)
3. Crossing Lines (a little spicy)
4. Three Times Indulgence (smoldering)

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