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2 recommendations for Forever Knight

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Picasso of Pain by Elfin
Series: Forever Knight
Pairing: Nick / Vachon, Nick / Lacroix
Submitted by: andromeda
Rec ID: 00058
Nick and Schanke investigue a brutal murder. At same time, Edwarldo, an enforcer and old enemy of Lacroix arrives at the city. Soon after, Nick is brutally attacked... Very good. Dark, truly Forever Knight ;) Has a sequel called "True Colours".
A Modern Guide to Child Rearing by Loose Cannon
Series: Forever Knight
Pairing: none
Submitted by: rachel
Rec ID: 00797
"An up-to-date manual rooted in time honoured techniques contained in ten quick, easy to remember points." or why Lacroix and Nick never get along.

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