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23 recommendations for Final Fantasy

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the infamous Final Fantasy VIII arc by Tenshi no Korin and llamajoy
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing: Squall/Seifer, Squall/Zell, Seifer/Fuu
Submitted by: drannoc
Rec ID: 00588
One continous storyline, both authors - this is a massive arc of sort of self-contained fics. As always, Tenshi and llamajoy write thoughful, poetic stories. A certain amount of action contrasts with backstage angst. Worth reading the 40+ (!) stories in this. And their stand-alones. And their humorfics. Hell, just read everything on their site. You'll be glad you did.
Imperfect Life by sukunami
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: SqualxSeifer
Submitted by: konekocookie
Rec ID: 00852
This is the first fiction in a continuing story. It tells the story of Seifer and Squall before the events of the War.

Well written and definitely worth checking out.
Crimson Sweet by Skryll
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Irvine/Squall
Submitted by: Vampire Chocobo
Rec ID: 01315
Glass Slipper by K. A. Rose (karose)
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Reno/Rude
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01320
Final Fantasy VII (BC era)

Rose is a wonderful writer with a keen sense for suspense and story-building. A must-read.

The link brings you to a page where you can choose between reading the story with or without illustrations. I recommend the illustrated version, but be warned that the pics become less worksafe towards the end of the story.
25 streetsigns by ChibiRisu-chan
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Kadaj/Loz
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01345
From Advent Children, post-movie.

A series with only two completed installments so far, but those are so good they're really woth the read (plus no cliffhangers so they can be read alone).
Playing For Keeps by dreamcatcher
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Reno/Rude
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01346
" Reno knows what he wants. (Hot, toe-curling sex.) But what does Rude want?"

A steamingly hot, lovingly rendered story of two Turks getting together.

Epitaph by Atreylune
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Rude/Reno
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01362
Rude-centric. "The eulogy of a Turk."

Terrifyingly and almost destructively well-written.
Fusion by Knowing Shadows
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud, Sephiroth/Zack, Zack/Aeris
Submitted by: Beachan18
Rec ID: 01371
Cloud Strife finds it hard to deal with what he had to do to save his world, but now the Planet will give him a chance to change things for himself and for General Sephiroth.
Past Tense: Future Imperfect by Nike Femme
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud
Submitted by: Beachan18
Rec ID: 01373
Post AC. You cannot kill a memory. The only way to eliminate it…is to prevent it from ever happening at all. SephirothxCloud.
A fate Worse than Death by Riannamation
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Seifer/Squall
Submitted by: Beachan18
Rec ID: 01372
AU. SeiferSquall. Shounen-ai yaoi. No Sorceresses- Poor Squall has got enough on his hands, being forced to stay within 5 feet of Seifer on pain of a miscast Doom spell. (R for Sex, Blood, Language, SquallAngst and Seifer Being a Pervert)
Protecting the Lion by DB2020
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Seifer/Squall
Submitted by: Beachan18
Rec ID: 01374
Between love and hate, extremes collide. An ice prince too cold for anyone but a hot tempered exknight to touch, and danger that is paramount when more than one man tries to claim the Balamb Lion. Reunited rivals will write their own story together.
Living with Heart by DB2020
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Laguna/Squall
Submitted by: DarkestDesire
Rec ID: 01386
Definately my favorite Laguna/Squall fic of all a time. A must read if you like the pairing. An angsty fic that deals with Squall's dark past and Cid's use for him in Garden. An attention grasping read from the very beginning, this is a fic that deals with very complex relationships between all of the characters involved and has enough political intrigue and mystery to make the plot line just as interesting as the pairing (if not even more so). Certainly worth the time it takes to read. Complete.
The Three Phases by shira syndrome
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Balthier/Vaan
Submitted by: zephtastic
Rec ID: 01608
[FFxii] Glimpses of life, love, and the vexations of orphans through the eyes of one honorable pirate. A paragon in why there is no such thing as three neat phases of love for everyone.
A Long, Hard Road by Twig
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud
Submitted by: breadstick
Rec ID: 01625
"Five years after the end of the game, Hojo is in an all-out war against the Planet and the ShinRa armies, led by now-general Cloud Strife. What will happen, when ShinRa makes a desperate decision to resurrect the very person who nearly killed them all?"

Majorly long, completed. Excruciatingly beautiful characterization, intricate plot, savage action scenes, deep psychological problems, and a scene involving Cloud dancing on a stripper pole.
To This One Night by Sukunami
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing: Seifer/Squall
Submitted by: ScarletFBL
Rec ID: 01681
A beautiful dancer catches Prince Seifer*s eye. He will do anything to have him. MPREG

A/N: If you enjoy my recs, drop a line and say you liked, or inquire about more recs in other fandoms at http://scarletfbl.angelfire.com I*m constantly updating.
Life Series by Sukunami
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing: Seifer/Squall
Submitted by: candi
Rec ID: 01694
This series of stories inspired me to buy a PlayStation and get into gaming, because I wanted to find out what the *real* characters were like. We learn in the game that Seifer and Squall were close friends in their forgotten childhood, and that subconsciously that close friendship is manifesting itself in their current adversarial relationship.

In the Life Series, Sukunami takes their lifelong friendship and turns it into a believable love relationship. She keeps Seifer and Squall beautifully in-character ... even with the added MPREG element! Isan, their son, is a wonderful OC character that I LOVED getting to know.

Go. Enjoy. I could not put these stories down. Sukunami is an excellent writer and her stories are always a good bet. Maybe you will be inspired to dust off that old Playstation and reintroduce yourself to Final Fantasy VIII!.

... Let me know if you liked this story! candi6312@yahoo.com
Green Dreams by I. Mushi
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud
Submitted by: arella19
Rec ID: 01794
Cloud has suffered and asked for forgiveness, but Aeris knows she alone cannot give him it. He must find that forgiveness and peace where it began, back at SOLDIER.
Once More, With Feeling by Illusor Meaneld
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud
Submitted by: arella19
Rec ID: 01795
If you could start your life over, knowing how things could turn out, what would you do differently? Cloud is offered this chance, and tries to change the future, but he quickly discovers that fate and destiny play a high stakes game.
My Orphanage by Scarlet Fever
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing: Seifer X Zell, Laguna X Edea
Submitted by: i_banquet
Rec ID: 01800
Ten years have passed, the world has changed and now a new series of drug-related disturbances in Timber launch Zell and Selphie back into the field.
One Moment, And A Year by Akare
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing: Seifer X Zell
Submitted by: i_banquet
Rec ID: 01801
One drunken night= two blonds in bed together. 1 year later= a whole different relationship. This is what happens in between.
My Room, My Rules by RentaiKitten
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing: Seifer/Zell
Submitted by: i_banquet
Rec ID: 01802
Seifer pranked, Sorcery returns, and power struggle ensues.
Hero Series by Race Ulfson
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing: Seifer/Squall
Submitted by: candi
Rec ID: 01945
I just found this story arc again! How could I have forgotten it????
Wow, great story-telling. Overall the characterization is exceptionally well done, however Seifer*s personality is AMAZINGLY well-written.

The story takes place 4 years after the end of the game. In the aftermath of the Sorceress*s War, Seifer is understandably unpopular with the masses. There is a warrant out for his arrest, but since most people only knew him as the Sorceress*s Knight and not by his real name, he has been able to quietly rebuild his life working as an EMT in Galbadia.

Squall ... the savior of the world ... is not fairing as well. As the Commander of Balamb Garden and son to the President of Esthar (as well as getting all the credit for saving the planet from the sorceress), Squall seems to have everything he could ever want. But the responsibility and high expectations are too much for him to handle. He is spinning farther and farther out of control and deeper and deeper into depression. He ends up deliberately crashing his car in a drunken haze. EMTs are the first ones to the scene of the accident. Thus our two antagonists are reunited ... and our story begins.

There are three main stories in the arc: Hero, Happily Ever After and Once A Knight. In these stories, both characters are struggling with the after-effects from the Sorceress*s War. In a very real way, these once-enemies are the only ones who can truly understand what the other is going through, and they end up saving each other.

This is a story about angst, life-long friendship and committment.

I highly recommend it.
Silver Demons by SkyFire2
Series: Final Fantasy VII, Inuyasha
Pairing: Sesshomaru/Sephiroth
Submitted by: kiihau
Rec ID: 02026
"Sephiroth fell into the Nibel reactors Mako reservoir during the Nibelheim Incident and ended up somewhere other than the bottom."

Dont read it for the pretty, read it for the plot. Okay, and the porn. This is good crack; dont let it go to waste.

Link free!

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