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2 recommendations for Discworld

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Games of Desire by Casira
Series: Discworld
Pairing: Vetinari/Vimes
Submitted by: Yaseanne
Rec ID: 01071
Author summary: A late night in the Oblong Office puts a dramatic spin on shifting relationship dynamics.... post-Night Watch (spoiler).
It's R-rated, hot: Vetianri plays the game of seduction better than Vimes, but they both have power.
Off the Cuff by Samvimes
Series: Discworld
Pairing: Vimes/Vetinari
Submitted by: Ija Ijevna
Rec ID: 01086
Discworld slash is rare. Good Discworld slash is even more rare. And Samvimes created a little jewel. He's true to Pratchett's world, Pratchett's style and Pratchett's characters. He makes me believe that the feelings of "Two Misters V" are canonical. No, it's not fluff. Nor angst. Go, find for yourselves. It would help, if you earlier had read "Nightwatch".

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