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2 recommendations for Digimon

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A Love Born of Hate by Kae Ti
Series: Digimon
Pairing: Taito
Submitted by: IceJuunanagou
Rec ID: 00670
This is one of the few Taito fics I've read that has really stuck with me. It's first season, and Kae Ti does a great job of developing both the characters and the relationships. Not to mention that it's got an admirable plot with a real villain. It's really worth the time it takes to read it.
The Mistakes We Make by Kinslayer
Series: Digimon
Pairing: Digimon Kaizer X Daisuke (season 2)
Submitted by: cirrus
Rec ID: 01103
This has to be the best Digimon fanfic I've read, and will always hold a special place in my heart. The story revolves around the Digimon Kaizer making what he wants with Daisuke. Torture, rape, and Stolkholm Syndrome make this story very dark and the slow step-by-step development of the plot is very realistic. You can't leave this fanfic without being effected in some way.

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