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19 recommendations for CSI

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Canada by Emily Brunson
Series: CSI
Pairing: Gil/Nick
Submitted by: andromeda
Rec ID: 00530
Nick has some trouble coping in the aftermath of "Stalker" and he bolts out. When loneliness and grief catch up with him, he calls Gil, who drives all the way to Canada to help him. In the return trip, things change for both of them. Emily writes a Gil and Nick I can hear and believe. It has a short sequel called "Greece".
Silk, Silk, Silk by Anne Higgins
Series: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Gil
Submitted by: Angel_N
Rec ID: 00730
This is a wonderful fic. Set in season 1 just before the finale, Gil gets into an accident that leaves him with amnesia. He can't remember anything of the last 10 months, including his relationship with Nick. It's a great story, everyone's perfectly in character and it melds almost perfectly into canon.
Boxing the Compass by Emily Brunson
Series: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Gil
Submitted by: Angel_N
Rec ID: 00736
A wonderful story about Nick and Gil getting together. It takes a look at some possible repercussions of Nick's molestation by his babysitter, which is something very few stories deal with. Wonderfully done, sweet, hot, touching and just all around good.
All the Way to Paris by Caroline Crane
Series: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Submitted by: Girlnorth
Rec ID: 00743
This story begins at the end of season three and becomes AU. It is a wonderfully angsty story in which Nick comes to the realization that he needs Greg in his life. Very well written, finely plotted, and with spot-on characterization. A must read.
Risky Business by The Tenth Muse1
Series: CSI
Pairing: Gil/Nick
Submitted by: Andromeda
Rec ID: 00777
A series of hot as hell little PWPs where Gil shows his exhibitionist streak.
One Good Man by Geekwriter
Series: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Submitted by: porcelaindoll
Rec ID: 00805
Nick and Greg attend a conference in San Francisco and take their relationship to a new level, but can it hold out when parts of Greg's past come to light and through the stress of keeping their realtionship from co-workers?
Isolated Elements (That CSI Thing) by Tara Keezer
Series: CSI, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Gil Grissom/ Rupert Giles
Submitted by: mnemo_chan
Rec ID: 00934
CSI/ BtVS Crossover.
The Watchers Council sends Giles to Las Vegas, where he meets Gil Grissom.
See what happens when a magical incident leaves them Strandet in anouther dimension.
Links to further chapters at the bottom of each page.
Still Waters Run Deep by Kat Reitz and tzigane
Series: CSI
Pairing: Gil Grissom/ Greg Sanders
Submitted by: mnemo_chan
Rec ID: 00935
CSI/Manhunter (Red Dragon) Crossover.

"If you can explain to me what Grissom was doing at Quantico in the late seventies, I'm all ears, Catherine."

Now with Sequel "Salt Water"
Sylum Clan by BjJones
Series: CSI, NCIS
Pairing: Nick/ Warrik, Tony/ Gibbs, many, many others
Submitted by: mnemo_chan
Rec ID: 00995
A multiple crossover fic in wich many famous fictional and historical characters are Vampires in Sylum clan.
Centers mostly on CSI, CSI: Miami and Navy: NCIS
but also involves many others.
Desire by The Raven
Series: CSI
Pairing: Sara Sidle/Sofia Curtis
Submitted by: cheyne55
Rec ID: 01037
I'm probably partial to this series of unrelated stories (the others are linked at the end of this one)because The Raven blames them on me. But her depictions of the normally uptight Sara and the very comfortable with herself Sofia are right on the money. She writes the atmosphere with such a sultry flair, it's difficult not to draw a shaky breath every time the characters do, not to feel what they feel. If you're looking for heat, these are the stories to read.
Game Day by Steph
Series: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Submitted by: porcelaindoll
Rec ID: 01155
A voice in Greg's head asked him why he insisted on setting himself up for disappointment by nursing hopeless crushes on gorgeous, unattainable, straight men.-Football, beer and a woefully oblivious Greg.
The End Is Far Off by Nikki
Series: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Submitted by: nahamka
Rec ID: 01216
- Nikki's Summary- 'Greg has been through many hardships in his life. He doesn't know it but more are yet to come his way.'

-rape/non-con but still interesting
Homeless by Rhardin
Series: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Submitted by: nikki
Rec ID: 01217
Summary: Greg and Sara are out working a case where a homeless lady passes away in her sleep.
Greg can't help but notice the only witness. the only one that seems to care about the lady.
Beta'd by Scarletfbl and Donna, thanks so much my dears . You guys are the best.

Out of the Depths by VicXntric
Series: CSI
Pairing: Warrick/Nick
Submitted by: cho-sa
Rec ID: 01278
Ever wonder what happened right after they rescued Nick from his class coffin? This fic is a wonderful take on the aftermath. It takes the time to explore various characters emotions and how they dealt with what happened. You get the chance to see the path Nick takes to recovery and the slow building of a relationship with Warrick.

Author's summary - Any long road is going to have a lot of bumps in it. NC-17
Don't Fence Me In by Kennedy
Series: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Submitted by: JemDragon84
Rec ID: 01335
Nick takes Greg home for the hoildays. One Greg in a house full of Stokes. Greg is intoduced to a whole new and loud world...and he's loving it.
Silent Understanding by QueenOfTheUniverse
Series: CSI
Pairing: implied Nick/Greg
Submitted by: zephtastic
Rec ID: 01574
The moment these two get together on the show. Nick is falling apart and Greg is ready to hold him together.
Because by Saras_girl
Series: CSI
Pairing: Nick Stokes / Greg Sanders
Submitted by: Maara D Laima
Rec ID: 01878
Grown ups aren_t supposed to cry.
Nick POV.
One of my most favourite fanfiction what I have read. Beautiful. Sad. Perfect.
Hiding in the Rye by WitchGirl
Series: CSI
Pairing: Nick Stokes /Greg Sanders
Submitted by: Maara D Laima
Rec ID: 01879
In his efforts to get closer to Nick, Greg uncovers a violent secret about Nick_s past, and suffers the consequences for it. Can Greg convince Nick that what he feels is not a sin?
Viaticum by WitchGirl
Series: CSI
Pairing: Nick Stokes /Greg Sanders
Submitted by: Maara D Laima
Rec ID: 01885
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. Unfortunately, their victims were absolutely terrified. Including Greg.

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