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4 recommendations for Blood Ties

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Desire's call by BELOVEDbyWAR
Series: Blood Ties
Pairing: Henry Fitzroy/Mike Celluci
Submitted by: white_Sin
Rec ID: 01581
Summery: A young man's disappearance leads Mike into a strange night club, whose owners are more than the eye can see and falls under their spell. Can he be saved?

It's one of the "must read" inthis Fandom.
Coming Unwrapped by Spikedluv
Series: Blood Ties
Pairing: Mike/Henry
Submitted by: white_Sin
Rec ID: 01582
Summary: Mike and Henry argue -- about Vicki, what else? -- and then have sex.

It's part of a Trilogy.
Blood Calls to Blood by TemariGrace
Series: Blood Ties
Pairing: Mike/Henry
Submitted by: white_Sin
Rec ID: 01583
Summary: Based on the TV show Blood Ties. Henry/Mike slash. Explicit M/M sex, Violence, Child abuse. When Henry is injured Mike gives him blood to save his life. When Mike receives a fatal injury Henry gives his blood to stop the bleeding. Blood calls to blood.
Scooby to Assistant P.I. by xanderfan
Series: Blood Ties
Submitted by: white_Sin
Rec ID: 01584
Summary: Xander leaves the Scoobies and moves to Toronto where he work for Vicky this is a slash story and the pairings will eventually be Xander/Henry or Xander/Mike or Xander/Mike/Henry

It's a Crossover with BtVS, but plays in the Blood Ties Universe.

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