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29 recommendations for Angel

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The Clockwork Vampire by Spirit
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angel / Spike
Submitted by: Andromeda
Rec ID: 00183
Starts after "The Initiative". What if Spike went to Angel instead of Buffy? It starts a lovely and beliable love story between Angel and Spike, and reworks all Angel episodes accordingly. Series starts with "I've always Remembered You". Half in the series, another m/m pairing is added.
Nature of Forgiveness by Esmeralda
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Submitted by: amarsen
Rec ID: 00407
Its a really great PWP with Angel and Spike after the events surounding the gem of Amara.
Bloodlines by Laura
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angel(us)/Spike
Submitted by: amarsen
Rec ID: 00408
This is my all time favorite Angel Slash story. It is incredible. Basically an AU with lots of plot, characterization, snuggling, bitting, melodramatic outburts- it has it all! The story line is a bit complicated to explain..Spike gets poisoned and Angelus comes to cure him by playing daddy a lot. Its a long read but totally worth it! go and read.
Bloodlines- A Rebirth by Laura
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angel(us)/Spike
Submitted by: amarsen
Rec ID: 00409
This is the Sequel to (gee I wonder...)Bloodlines. Its just as wonderful, and suspenseful as the original. Again I'd like to stress how you MUST read this! ^_~
Proper Care by Adalisa Zarate
Series: Angel
Pairing: AU Xander/Angel
Submitted by: amarsen
Rec ID: 00410
Evil Vampire Xander puts a plan in motion to make Puppy his.
I Have An Appointment With Eternity... by Saber ShadowKitten
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Submitted by: amarsen
Rec ID: 00411
Angel and Spike meet up in the 30th century.
Evil Nasty Story by Saber ShadowKitten
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Submitted by: amarsen
Rec ID: 00412
Spike gets drunk and tells a little too much...
Of Bubble Baths and Back Up Disks by flowermouse
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Submitted by: amarsen
Rec ID: 00413
Spike and Angel need to wash off.
Faded Photographs by Saber ShadowKitten
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angelus/Spike
Submitted by: amarsen
Rec ID: 00414
A very different take on how Angel sired Spike. This story blew my mind. I never in a million years thought of the whole ASS(angel siring spike) thing in such a romantic way. You should definately read this.
The Road to Shanshu by Titti
Series: Angel
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Submitted by: Gainax
Rec ID: 00545
This story is just fantastique. I love it!
In the beginning it deals with rape and humiliation. Nothing too graphic, but if it's not your thing, be warned. It's also weird, when youre not used to Angel as kind of a sub. Well, not really sub, but... Anything more said, will spoil the surprises. So go on, read it! It's just fantastique.^_^
Armour by Inca
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Submitted by: Tegan
Rec ID: 00671
Puppy Angel and Spike.
Its my favourite, cause I love fics about Puppy Angel, and theyre really hard to find. Theres a second fic on the site, called possede, and it really finishes off the story nicely.
Soul Squared by Inca
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Submitted by: Tegan
Rec ID: 00672
Oh My God, Inca has new fic up! Its set in season 5 and its kinda fluffy, but still good.
The summary is: Spike comforts a drunken angel. It's a NC17 fic.
Find the River by Seana Renay
Series: Angel
Pairing: Wesley/Oz
Submitted by: IceJuunanagou
Rec ID: 00678
Oz finds a new friend, an old name and a New Life.
Sea Change by Yahtzee
Series: Angel
Pairing: Lindsey/Angel
Submitted by: Angel_N
Rec ID: 00740
Set after the S2 finale, Lindsey, still reeling from the events in 'Dead End' books himself on a freighter ship, bent on travel. Angel, reeling from Buffy's death, winds up on the same ship. This is their journey. A dark, melodic tale. Very Lindsey and Angel. And just good.
House of Angelus by Mouse
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angelus/William
Submitted by: Shakatany
Rec ID: 00833
This is an early story of sweet, innocent and newly dead William's welcome into the Family. It's AU as Angelus is his Sire and all are there to initiate him into vampiric ways including Penn.
Wicked Games by Titti
Series: Angel
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Submitted by: Shakatany
Rec ID: 00834
Spike is captured, blind folded and put up for auction. Guess who buys him? One of my favorite PWPs.
Number One Lowest Common Denominator by Adsum
Series: Angel
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Submitted by: Shakatany
Rec ID: 00835
A chipped Spike goes to his Sire. Can Angel give him what he needs? And what about Wesley?
Counting the Days by Dira Sudis
Series: Angel
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Submitted by: Shakatany
Rec ID: 00842
After The Gift Spike takes Dawn on a visit to LA where he reconciles with Angel.
Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson by Shrift
Series: Angel
Pairing: Gunn/Wes
Submitted by: Mikochef81
Rec ID: 01201
Author's Summary: Bickering. Sex. More bickering. More sex. Stupid jokes. Visions. Did I mention the bickering?

Very Very Good fic, This is how I like to see the boys.
The Dark Domain by Jenny
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angelus/William
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01235
When the Grand Duke pays a visit to the British Isles he's in need of a companion - of the male persuasion. Only newly-made William is not that interested in being a vampiric aristocrat's pet for the sake of the family's reputation and standing. And is Angelus, his Sire, truly willing to give his Childe over?

Jenny writes like a pro. The build-up, the suspense, the emotions, the characterizations and, yes, the sex, are awe-inspiringly well-written.

If you like Angelus/William (or Angel/Spike - or just beautiful male vampires struggling with the concept of love) you need to go to fiction on Jenny's webpage and read The Dark Domain and its sequels Dweller in the Land of Death and Beautiful Dawn (WIP).

"If I were a fanciful man, I would say that you are my only soul now."
bent justice by Kat B.
Series: Angel
Pairing: angel / spike with a few minor pairings
Submitted by: aidan bard
Rec ID: 01260
I'm using proxybrowser to get to the site so the link isn't as cut out as it should be. But there are not many long fics so this should stand out.
I loved it. It's human AU and I've read a lot of slash an for some reason this just stuck with me.
Spike is an undercover agent sent into prison to bust a corrupt warden, but when he takes on Angel—the convict that runs D Block through strength and fear—in order to prove himself, Spike uncovers more than he bargained for.

This is a Human AU fic. If any of you are unaware of what that means, it means that there are no such things as vampires, witches, slayers, demons, or anything else magical. Angel, Spike and all the other characters in this story are regular human beings.
Sweet William by Peasant
Series: Angel
Pairing: William/Angelus. Some William/Drusilla, Angelus/Darla, William/Darla.
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01275
The upbringing of William, as a vampire.
Midnight and Roses by kindredspirit75
Series: Angel
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Submitted by: Aislinn_ia
Rec ID: 01301
A fantastic AU fic with Spike as a Dom and future Sire of a human souled Angel
you find all the c at kindredspirit webjournal
Deep in the Light by WesleysGirl & JustHuman
Series: Angel
Pairing: Spike/Lindsey
Submitted by: measuringthesun
Rec ID: 01392
(NC-17) AU. S5 of Ats.
Summary: Lindsey's back at Wolfram and Hart and he's about to meet his biggest fan.
Breathing by Rote by Scyllablue
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angelus/Riley, Spike(willliam)/Xander
Submitted by: raja_stanie
Rec ID: 01402
One of the BEST characterizations of Angelus that I've read in a looong time. It begins with a simple trip back in time by Riley to retrieve Spike and Xander. There he intrigues the vampire master Angelus who decides to make a few changes to their future relationship and the future as a whole.
Thrall (series) by Jen'fr
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angel/Riley, Spike/Riley (pre-slash)
Submitted by: Son of bast
Rec ID: 01451
SUMMARY: After his breakup with Buffy, Riley falls in love with Angel, who becomes aware of his obsession with bloodletting. Darla uses Spike to manipulate Riley into seducing Angel to the dark side once more.

One of the most romantic and erotic Angel fics out there, with one of the rarest pairings- Angel and Riley. NC-17 for graphic m/m sex, violence and bloodplay. A long but great read.
Killer in You by Lena aka Czmadzia
Series: Ai No Kusabi, Angel
Pairing: L Lawliett xLight Yagami
Submitted by: Ija Ijevna
Rec ID: 01470
All the Death Note is built on the "what if" and the surprising intelligence of its author. So does Lena's fic. She took a turning point of the series and made two fantastic alternative ways of diverging from that point. Both are sound, both are brilliant, both lead to a completely different future. Her characterisations are spot on, her plot is one of the best I've ever read, there's hope and humor in her angst, and quite a lot of thought in her houmor. Oh, did I say that's romance, too? Go, read. It's on her LJ and on F.F.Net.
Changeling Child by Katharos
Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Pairing: Kaworu/Shinji
Submitted by: Leopardus Pardalis
Rec ID: 01516
"In another universe, a woman who died in the Second Impact did not. As a result, many things changed. For one, Kaworu and Shinji met much earlier."

This is my favorite NGE story, not only because it's well-written, but also because it's a realistic non-angst Kaworu/Shinji fic.

Be sure to read the second part, Into the Rose Garden: I’d travel endless miles for you.

Burning Imprints by Menomegirl
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angel/Lindsey
Submitted by: Thaia
Rec ID: 01612
This is just hot.
The story link goes to the prologue of the story. The other chapters can be reached through the authors website. Oh, and it is still unfinished.

Link free!

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