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The Song of Sunset by Jdav
Series: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Many pairings
Submitted by: uranian
Rec ID: 01827
It was a surprise to find anything in LotR fandom that comes close to cool Ofic. The Song of Sunset is a beautiful story of passion and pride that one family has to struggle against the Valar.

Why you should read it

- It contains the passionate Journal of Fingolfin which has some of the loveliest scenes in the AU. Of special interest are the Fingolfin-Feanor chapters and then the return of Maedhros.

- The Journal of Maglor is a touching story of dark love and bdsm. It contains The Chalice which is all bdsm.

- The Song of Sunset, the 2nd age is the basic story of the series. Many characters and beautiful slash scenes. War depictions including the Second Alliance and Eregion add value to the read.

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