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Marked and Hunted by the.israel.project.107
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Zexion/Demyx, Axel/Roxas
Submitted by: psychorooster
Rec ID: 01657
After escaping from his decaying and death-infested home world and into a place unlike any other, Demyx finds himself ostracized and labeled as a monster, forced to undergo psychological evaluation and high school all over again.
Boys by Casey V.
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Riku/Sora, Axel/Roxas
Submitted by: psychorooster
Rec ID: 01658
A story about growing up, love, friendships, knowing what is real and what is fake and sometimes about hockey.
Through the Looking Glass by Madwabbit
Series: The Dark Knight
Pairing: Bruce/The Joker
Submitted by: psychorooster
Rec ID: 01716
Bruce thought that he could separate himself from Batman; the Joker showed him just how mistaken he was.

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