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Isolated Elements (That CSI Thing) by Tara Keezer
Series: CSI, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Gil Grissom/ Rupert Giles
Submitted by: mnemo_chan
Rec ID: 00934
CSI/ BtVS Crossover.
The Watchers Council sends Giles to Las Vegas, where he meets Gil Grissom.
See what happens when a magical incident leaves them Strandet in anouther dimension.
Links to further chapters at the bottom of each page.
Still Waters Run Deep by Kat Reitz and tzigane
Series: CSI
Pairing: Gil Grissom/ Greg Sanders
Submitted by: mnemo_chan
Rec ID: 00935
CSI/Manhunter (Red Dragon) Crossover.

"If you can explain to me what Grissom was doing at Quantico in the late seventies, I'm all ears, Catherine."

Now with Sequel "Salt Water"
Taxes Series by The Mad Fangirl
Series: Pirates of the Carribbean
Pairing: Jack/ Will
Submitted by: mnemo_chan
Rec ID: 00936
This is an AU Series in which the PotC charakters are reborn in modern times.
We always knew that the IRS was full of pirates!

Sylum Clan by BjJones
Series: CSI, NCIS
Pairing: Nick/ Warrik, Tony/ Gibbs, many, many others
Submitted by: mnemo_chan
Rec ID: 00995
A multiple crossover fic in wich many famous fictional and historical characters are Vampires in Sylum clan.
Centers mostly on CSI, CSI: Miami and Navy: NCIS
but also involves many others.

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