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Welcome to Diagon Alley by tearsofphoenix
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Gen
Submitted by: fancyspinner
Rec ID: 01456
The Fall and Rise of Creed Diskence by KosagiNoLegion
Series: Black Cat
Pairing: Creed/Train
Submitted by: fancyspinner
Rec ID: 01554
This story draws you in,the pase slow and almost dreamy at times. I have never heard of this show, but it did not matter as I read and began to adore this story. There are no instant fixes or anything like that. The main characters have issues to work through and 72 chapters in, they're still working through them. This is a wonderful read for those who like development and plot.

As per the authoress, Black Cat was a manga series that ran in Shonen Jump over the last few years. Offbeat and off the wall, it's the kind of story that might happen if Quentin
Tarantino were forced to work with Jackie Chan. Though utilizing numerous manga and anime cliches, it always managed to take those cliches and twist them
into entirely different paths.

Among the many cliches Yabuki-san used was the theme of estranged partners battling each other. Except, Yabuki-san turned the story on its ear by having
the villanous Creed Diskence be desperate to have the hero, Train Heartnet join him. As the story progressed, the shonen-ai potential of that sub-plot
became more and more intriguing, and while I doubt Yabuki-san ever intended it that way, somehow it took a wrong turn at Alberquerque in my brain.

Thus this fic. It is Shonen-Ai and most definitely an Alternate Universe, as I have given Creed a background entirely different than the one Yabuki-san
ended up giving him. It is also a redemption fic, because Creed's madness was the sort that could never be healed on his own power. The story begins at
a point where Train, instead of permitting one of Creed's lieutenants to escape, follows her through her teleport warp and straight into the Hoshi's stronghold.
From here on, things take an entirely different turn from how Yabuki-san ended his series.

I will be posting author's notes at my Live Journal ), so as not to take up space here. Answers to any questions or comments and various trivia involved
in creating this massive piece of fanfic will be posted there.

Copper c"Coins by Debra Fran Baker
Series: Xena: Warrior Princess
Pairing: Joxer/Ares
Submitted by: fancyspinner
Rec ID: 01603
When Fandom was pretty new to me, one of the stories to leave me speechless and sobbing in the corner. Character Death but god soo good! It reads as well a second and third time.
Grief Shapes by Lyra sina
Series: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Submitted by: fancyspinner
Rec ID: 01604
No words just wonderful.. Sad.
Always (Series) by Geri__chan
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Snape/Lupin
Submitted by: fancyspinner
Rec ID: 01760
I love this series so very much. It is the Snape/Lupin that should be. It is Au and starts at the beginning of third year. Snape and Lupin remember their teenaged romance, ruined by the Shreaking Shack incident, and rekindle their relationship, but with Black about the road is not easy. Explores the true meaning of love, friendship and family. Takes us through the last battle and the rebuilding process. Stories linked at bottom.
A Different Start: American Harry Prequel by DarkeStars
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/?
Submitted by: fancyspinner
Rec ID: 01761
Raised in America with his Godmother, Harry learns new ways of magic and carves a new path for himself. This story is Pre-Slash and gives me the happies. The OC’s are querky and individuals and far from perfect. Harry is lovable and adorable. I find myself rereading this fic and eagerly awaiting more. Highly recced
Cover Me by Black Dragon Queen
Series: Transformers: 2007 movie
Pairing: Various
Submitted by: fancyspinner
Rec ID: 01762
With moments that are serious, funny, characters that evolve, and backstory this story has it all! Highly recommended. Updated daily! Barricade, injured from a fight with Starscream, finds Sam with an odd request- a truce between himself and the Autobots. However with the remaining Autobot’s on their way, what will happen to our favorite interceptor?
I Found my Heart in San Francisco (series) by Susan X. Meagher
Series: Original fiction
Pairing: Jamie/Ryan
Submitted by: fancyspinner
Rec ID: 01763
Jamie Evans persists in enrolling in a less-than-mainstream course at Berkley - The Psychology of the Lesbian Experience - and unwittingly embarks on a journey of self-awareness and realization. This series is fantastic and gets 5stars. note: 16 books long so far.
Journey of Soulmates (series by Merwolf
Series: Xena: Warrior Princess
Pairing: Xena/Gabrielle
Submitted by: fancyspinner
Rec ID: 01764
this is a wonderfully crafted series that takes the subtext from the show and turns it into a powerful love story with many twists and turns that takes the ladies on many adventures and explores the meaning of true love, friendship and family. 5stars

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