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My Lover; Not My Doctor by The Raven
Series: Without a Trace
Pairing: Agent Samantha Spade/Doctor Lisa Harris
Submitted by: cheyne55
Rec ID: 01036
This is not the first story I read by The Raven but it is the first one to slap my libido into consciousness. She has a way of getting into these character's veins and pumping hot blood through them. The Raven is a very visual writer who has a style of short, sweet and sensual. I guarantee you read one story of hers, you'll want to read them all. Part Two is linked at the end of this story. Enjoy. I certainly did.
Desire by The Raven
Series: CSI
Pairing: Sara Sidle/Sofia Curtis
Submitted by: cheyne55
Rec ID: 01037
I'm probably partial to this series of unrelated stories (the others are linked at the end of this one)because The Raven blames them on me. But her depictions of the normally uptight Sara and the very comfortable with herself Sofia are right on the money. She writes the atmosphere with such a sultry flair, it's difficult not to draw a shaky breath every time the characters do, not to feel what they feel. If you're looking for heat, these are the stories to read.

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