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Beautiful Day by Joules
Series: Matrix
Pairing: The Twins
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 00977
One of the few Matrix fics that portrays the Twins as what they are: programmes. It shows their awakening interest in and exploration of human emotions.
If you're interested in more fics about the Twins, you can visit Joules website and read some really nice (password protected) lemon fics.

Beautiful Day is the first fic in an ongoing series.
Nerve by Viridian5
Series: Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Schuldig/ Farfarello Sculdig/Crawford
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 00978
A gorgeous, gorgeous story by Viridian5. Go to her webpage and let yourself indulge in all of her fantastic writing, but first: Read Nerve!

'Farfarello looked oddly like a whipped puppy. A badly scarred, whipped street puppy, but mournful nonetheless. His mind stuttered, as if I’d thrown a wrench into the wheels, making them grind. "Your hair looks soft," he said, which would have seemed a non sequitur to someone who wasn’t a telepath.

He wouldn’t really be able to feel that softness. He enjoyed pain, but he didn’t experience that as deeply as normal people did either. That lack of sensation made him a dangerous fighter and led to his heights of self-mutilation. He’d killed his last lovers out of frustration that they’d failed to make him feel pleasure.

"You could make me feel," Farfarello said, trusting that I’d gotten all of that. He lightly stroked a bit of my long hair and felt almost nothing from it.

If Weiß showed up and slipped past us because we were too busy having a conversation about sex, Brad would never let us hear the end of it, even if it did give him a good laugh in private.'
He Deserves It by Baxter
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Sirius Black
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 00979
Part of the Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest. Scenario Number 67: "What in the world did young Severus Snape want to trust Sirius Black for (Whomping Willow, long stick, and so forth. . .)? Shouldn't he have known better?"

A skillful and bittersweet story with a very unusual and original characterisation of both confused boys. Truly moving and heart breaking.
The Devil's Playground by Xandria
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01012
Bored one summer afternoon, Lucius believes it the perfect time for he and Severus to lose their virginity to one another -- but it's not quite as simple as they might have thought, nor are the repercussions. NC-17.
The Hollow Night by Ningengirai
Series: Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Schuldig/Farfarello
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01171
A non-canon story about Farfarello's introduction into Schwarz, his growing relationship with Schuldig and the events following. In here you'll find the most perfect characterisation of our beloved madman - just as insane as he should be.
This goes far beyond what one would normally expect of fan fiction; to read Ningerai's story is to question yourself and your own believes. The fic itself is only enhanced by the snatches of self-made poems the author has inserted between each chapter.
It's NC-17 and involves character deaths so make sure to read the warnings.
Coming Home by GuiltyRed
Series: Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Schuldig/Crawford, Schuldig/Yohji and a very small, but very sweet Schuldig/Farfarello
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01172
Simply amazing, novel-length WK fic with its own soundtrack, trailer and companion (all of which are in themselves worth a closer look).

"Cave canem - beware the dog. The men of Schwarz have just bitten the hand that fed them, and must now flee into exile. Wounded in mind and body, with the full fury of Esset at their heels, the four begin their torturous journey to their ultimate fate."

Vaterunser by Mami-san
Series: Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Schuldig/Farfarello
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01181
A compelling, chilling and absolutely terrifying story wherein Farfarello is a Nightmare and Schuldig is his Dream. Alternative Universe and insanely, depressingly good.
Take some time after you're done with this to go through the rest of Mami-san's fics. You won't regret it.
The Lazarus Stone by Ningengirai
Series: Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Schuldig/Farfarello
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01186
After Schwarz killed the Elders they disbanded. Five years later Eszet has healed its wounds and wants to tie up some loose ends before moving its power center to Tokyo. The former members of Schwarz has two options: Strike back or die.
Yet the one member they thought was insane and under their control, might have been the one controlling and manipulating them.

This is an intense and captivating series which takes a closer look at the dynamics within Scwarz and how Farfarello came to be as he is. There's also a really hot relationship between him and Schuldig going on.

Mostly from Schuldig's POV. NC-17 (read the warnings!)
Indago by LdDurham
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Harry/Draco/Severus
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01212
Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy are descendants of an extinct race of magical beings, the Indagos, and have been taking a complex potion to keep their animal instincts in check. When the crops of a key ingredient for the potion are destroyed, their darker sides comes out to play. And who would have thought the Boy-who-lived could be an Indago too?

This story contains Submissive!Harry with dominant Draco and Severus, threesome, violence and Mpreg. NC-17.

Though both harsh and heart-wrenching, it also becomes surprisingly sweet and funny as the story progresses. If you're gonna read one Mpreg fiction, let it be this one; Indago is well-written and succeeds in not turning into a parody.

I really recommend reading the sequel Indago:Reborn and LdDurhan's other fics at skyehawke (chiefly among them By Fair Means or Foul, an entertaining fic featuring Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy and more Mpreg).
How Very Unprofessional by m_buggie
Series: Reservoir Dogs
Pairing: Mr. White/Mr. Orange
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01215
Mr. White and Mr. Orange are letting their feelings affect their professional lives. With guest appearances of too much booze, a sun rise and a phone number - all of which are things two tough criminals (especially with one of them being an undercover cop)on a job shouldn't share with each other.
In My Dreams by Mishaela
Series: Fushigi Yuugi
Pairing: Nuriko/Nakago
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01218
"After overhearing Hotohori's confession to Miaka, Nuriko goes to his room and lets his tears flow. Overnight, he dreams of a gorgeous golden warrior who somehow makes the pain go away, even if it is only for one steamy night."

Sweet, short fic with a rare pairing.

The sequel, When Dreams Become Reality, is located at:
Shifting Alliances by sistersleep
Series: Oz
Pairing: Ryan O'Reily/Miguel Alvarez
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01227
A fun, intriguing and realistic fic.

"After the infamous frisking scene, El Cid and the gang are on sabbatical for tit possession. Miguel is laid low and on the outs with El Norte. Ryan is on the prowl."
Too Late For Apologies by Bitterfig
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Sirius Black, Severus Snape/Bellatrix Lestrange
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01228
Well-written ficlet with a dark and harsh mood in the style of the ever-impressive Bitterfig. Enjoy.

"Set during the time frame of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Blood, velvet, bruises, bad memories and an apology that comes far too late."

Always Knew It was You by Bitterfig
Series: Reservoir Dogs
Pairing: Mr. White/ Mr. Orange
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01233
A take on the behind-the-scenes relationship between Mr. White and Mr. Orange from the Tarantinoverse.

After reading this I had to rewatch Reservoir Dogs just to see what it was I had been missing before. And it's there, it really is - which is why you should read this wonderful fic by bitterfig (who always seems like a writer graced with a personal muse) and the rest of the recs at the orange_white community.
The Dark Domain by Jenny
Series: Angel
Pairing: Angelus/William
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01235
When the Grand Duke pays a visit to the British Isles he's in need of a companion - of the male persuasion. Only newly-made William is not that interested in being a vampiric aristocrat's pet for the sake of the family's reputation and standing. And is Angelus, his Sire, truly willing to give his Childe over?

Jenny writes like a pro. The build-up, the suspense, the emotions, the characterizations and, yes, the sex, are awe-inspiringly well-written.

If you like Angelus/William (or Angel/Spike - or just beautiful male vampires struggling with the concept of love) you need to go to fiction on Jenny's webpage and read The Dark Domain and its sequels Dweller in the Land of Death and Beautiful Dawn (WIP).

"If I were a fanciful man, I would say that you are my only soul now."
Arrogant Assumption by Cheyenne Dancer
Series: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Glorfindel/Haldir
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01241
The interaction in this fic between Haldir and Glorfindel is in my humble opinion simply some of the best NC-17 moments ever written.
Over the years this is the one Lord of the Rings fic I've just kept coming back to.
Something me in you by Aoe
Series: Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Yohji/Schuldig
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01250
On a routine mission, something unexpected happens to Yohji... Now the rest of Weiss must deal with the possibility of losing a member, and Schuldig and Yohji find themselves too close for comfort.

First in the Harmonics Arc.
Zero Effect by cards_slash
Series: Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Schuldig/Crawford
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01256
The Oracle was planning his future around a certain redheaded telepath before they even met.

On-going series (author says it might end up being an 'epic' which is all for the good). The story of Crawford and Schuldig, and the remaining Schwarz from the beginning to the end.

A Dark Quiet Place by Pillow Lips
Series: Murder By Numbers
Pairing: Justin/Richard
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01258
A night at the bluff.
Mine by Glacis
Series: X-men
Pairing: Scott/Logan
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01259
Scott goes looking for his bike and finds a whole lot more than he expects.
Sweet William by Peasant
Series: Angel
Pairing: William/Angelus. Some William/Drusilla, Angelus/Darla, William/Darla.
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01275
The upbringing of William, as a vampire.
Friend Like Me by Lady Vader
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01319
Easily the saddest and most melancholic Draco/Harry fic I've ever read. NC-17
Glass Slipper by K. A. Rose (karose)
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Reno/Rude
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01320
Final Fantasy VII (BC era)

Rose is a wonderful writer with a keen sense for suspense and story-building. A must-read.

The link brings you to a page where you can choose between reading the story with or without illustrations. I recommend the illustrated version, but be warned that the pics become less worksafe towards the end of the story.
As the Lights Go Out by oz_magi
Series: Oz
Pairing: Miguel Alvarez/Alonzo Torquemada
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01322
Part of the Gift of the Magi
25 streetsigns by ChibiRisu-chan
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Kadaj/Loz
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01345
From Advent Children, post-movie.

A series with only two completed installments so far, but those are so good they're really woth the read (plus no cliffhangers so they can be read alone).
Playing For Keeps by dreamcatcher
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Reno/Rude
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01346
" Reno knows what he wants. (Hot, toe-curling sex.) But what does Rude want?"

A steamingly hot, lovingly rendered story of two Turks getting together.

Epitaph by Atreylune
Series: Final Fantasy
Pairing: Rude/Reno
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01362
Rude-centric. "The eulogy of a Turk."

Terrifyingly and almost destructively well-written.
Rarified Air by vulgarweed
Series: Good Omens
Pairing: Aziraphale/Crowley
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01383
A Modest Proposal by Ignaz Wisdom
Series: House
Pairing: House/Wilson
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01410
An alternate ending to the Tritter arc.

"Tritter's case against House still depends on subpoenaed testimony from Wilson. To save House from losing everything, the doctors of PPTH decide on an unusual solution, which in turn leads to unexpected consequences. This is a story about the sacrifices we make that turn out not to be such great sacrifices after all."

Long and well-written.
Frames of Mind Series by lomonaaeren
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01508
"Draco is a Psyche-Diver, and his newest patient is Auror Potter, who’s been a pathological liar for over a year—and has just tried to violently end his own life."

All of lomonaaeren's HP stories are top notch and come highly recommended. This story currently consists of A Reckless Frame of Mind and A Determined Frame of Mind, and is a WIP, but it's frequently updated. Just scroll down the page for the first chapter. No DH spoilers (if you're after that, take a look at 'I Give You a Wondrous Mirror' by the same author).

And just in case livejournal shuts her down, her stories are also archived at:
Lack of Morals Arc by Kat Reitz and Tzigane
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape/Draco Malfoy
Submitted by: ashedrake
Rec ID: 01545
One of the most recommended Snape slash stories out there.
Also one for Veela lovers.

"He'll sort Slytherin, not Ravenclaw." "Well, I suppose someone must sort there."

Link free!

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