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Zeus for a Day by Shamenka
Series: Xena
Pairing: Joxer/Ares
Submitted by: SaschaM
Rec ID: 00065
Zeus tells Ares to give Joxer what he wants the most. And while trying to do so, Ares turns into a woman, Joxer stands up against Hercules and Cupid gets to play Zeus! Hilarious!
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Tartarus by Erin
Series: Xena
Pairing: Auto/Strife
Submitted by: SaschaM
Rec ID: 00066
Auto is not exactly sober when he decides to try and steal something from one of Ares temples. Well inside the temple, he bumps into a young pale man who's got some troubles getting away from where he is. Things sorta go on from there. NC-17 (like you wouldn't believe it!)
The Body Thief by Russet McMillan
Series: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Submitted by: SaschaM
Rec ID: 00067
A little strange story based on the plot from Body Thief by Anne Rice (if I understand correctly), where Jim gets shot, kicked out of his body and takes refuge in the body of a 18 year old girl. One of my absolute favorite stories. NC-17. m/m, m/f
Changing Faces by Poi Lass
Series: X-Men
Pairing: Bobby/Morph
Submitted by: SaschaM
Rec ID: 00068
Morph is madly in love with Bobby, but unfortunatly Bobby doesn't return his feelings... Or does he?
A Diffrent Kinda Craving by Kaylee
Series: X-Men
Pairing: Bobby/Remy
Submitted by: SaschaM
Rec ID: 00069
A sweet surprisingly human story about Bobby and Remy with a touch of humor and a touch of angst. Very sweet, a little sappy and one of my favorites. PG-13 I'd say.
A Special Kinda Savoring by Kaylee
Series: X-Men
Pairing: Bobby/Remy
Submitted by: SaschaM
Rec ID: 00070
The first part to the sequel to A Diffrent Kinda Craving. Absolutely hilarious and worth reading even if you have no idea who the characters are. Very human and well written. PG-13

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