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Bright be the Place of Thy Soul by Beckett
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy among others
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00758
Ladies and gentlemen.
Time has come to read the real story of Severus Snape.

"During a Death Eater action, Severus Snape falls victim to a hex that impairs his use of magic..." This is the first line of the summary from a story much more complex.

I cannot express myself correctly when it comes to good literature, so to convince you to read this wonderful story I will put the review I gave to the author.

"I shall be short: You Are An Unbelievable Writer!!!
If I could I would have told you what make me told you that, but I can't.
Your story is so... rich, so real ; it's like to read a biography, like we can feel on our skin what your characters feel.... Your characters are so complex, and never boring like some oc could be, we never know what could come next. But above all : your Severus. Your Severus... is so pitifully human; all I want is to scream for him, for his helplessness when he was young, for his stubborn way to refuse help even when he needs it..."

This story has so many different layers, it's like to read the dark side of the books, the adult side of children books. All I can say is that in reading this story, your vision of the Harry Potter's world will change, and really, it's not a loss.
Glass Houses by Viridian5
Series: weiss kreuz
Pairing: Aya/Farfarello Crawford/Schuldig etc...
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00697
This is a MUST read. If you love Weiss Kreuz but was disappointed in the drama CD and the Glühen season, you must read this. The characters are nearly perfect, it's always funny, never boring... it's what we would have love to see on our screen.
After Aya's sister dies, Schwarz tries to save Aya from himself. For their own reasons, of course. This a new beginning for Schwarz...
Just a little warning, it's long. Like really, really long. You will not see the hours disapeared but make sure to always have enough time.
Psycho Trip series by Viridian5
Series: Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Aya/Farfarello
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00698
This is a serie of three one-shot absolutely delicious. It's hot, violent and really, really sexy.
« Aya chased madness until it caught him.»
Just a slight warning this is "non-con" but not really. You'll understand what I mean in reading this little jewel.
The Sundering Saga by Sidara
Series: Original
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00699
It's modern. It's fantastic. There's is demons, werewolfs, vampires... a big bad wolf and a hero who's bitching. Well, you don't need anything more if you want something really entertaining. And contrary what you may think in reading the hero's name, it is not weiss kreuz.
The Administration by Manna
Series: Original
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00700
« There are three novels, three novellas and twenty-seven short stories. » We are in a near future when the Administration rules everything. There is High-Technology the "Sim", but the torture came back. There is little violence and the BDSM has not made me running (I hate this kind of thing), but the characters, the "romance" between a not-really-psychopath and not-so-clean-doctor is really sweet in a twisted way... It's a wonderful story. It need a little time before we get hooked, but then... No chance in quitting.
Attraction by Gelfling
Series: Naruto
Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke Naruto/Gaara
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00701
Well... it's quite dark, and twisted, and violent... But it's really good when Naruto decides too follows his "inner little demon". This is a "plongeon" inside the madness who cover itself with a bright smile and spiky hair blond. A trip in the subconscient of people who hide many things in this little place. A painful discovery of what is love... It's good.
A gift of light by Josan pq
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Eirik Brekke (OMC)
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00702
It's sweet and simple, but with Severus Snape for main character you can be sure that is never boring. It's really a beautiful story. Snape experience the "joy" of an inexpected faterhood, eleven years after the conception of is son. But Voldemort is never far and Snape has many enemy. There is seduction... kind of, kidnapper, politics and, of course, potions.
Aftermath by Josan pq
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Ron Weasley
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00703
The pairing may be a little surprising, but in this story it works really well. Once again Josan gives us a simple plot but well executed. The war has come and gone but there're always casualties and Severus Snape will discover it. There is the cold of Scotland, the warm of love, the sand of Egypt and the smell of potion. An exquisite pleasure to read.
A Choriambic Progression by Mairead Triste and Aristide
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00704
Wonderful... and quite stressing.
A very good fic very well written. We pass from humor and loathing between Harry and Snape to a painful love, without even realise the transition. Harry discovers a new gift that didn't come from Voldemort and what love can means. It's time to see who will survive the prophecy, Harry or Voldemort. Death and doom are never far.
Citizen Snape by Lydia Lovestruck
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Many people
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00705
A rediscovery of "Citizen Kane".
Ron Weasley begin a crusade for truth and will unveil many secrets. It's painful and sad. The story of a man who was part the History and it's never clean. This story is beautiful and will made you ache...
The Arrangement by Maldoror
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: Heero/Wufei
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00706
Ow, ow, ow...
This is THE fic Gundam Wing. It has everything. EVERYTHING. Great plot, wonderful characterization (it's IC, IC !?!), unbelievably hot, and so, so funny at time.
The timeline is respected and even like that, it's like another story...
Heero propose an Arrangement to Wufei : to share body and release.
Let's just say that I never thought our Wufei could be so fun.
( The version at gwaddiction.com is updated more often)
Trial and Error by Maldoror
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: Heero/Duo and others
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00707
Warning : do not eat, do not drink while reding this fic. The Health of your computer depends of it.
Yes, it is funny. Our Heero (who has never been so cute while IC) decides to make sure his former partners have a happy love life. Well, the little soldier is not the brighest crayon in the box when it concern the social life.
Garou by Asuka Kureru
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: Heero/Many people
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00708
A great time ahead. Heero is bitten by the big bad wolf.
What happened next ?
Well, if you want to know you really should go read one of the best fic in the fandom.
Her Majesty's men by Marquesate
Series: Original fiction
Pairing: Tom/Alex
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00783
Oh my.
OH MY !!

The Bushido western style ? Not quite.
A love story ? Maybe.
Big men, great sex, huge explosion ? You bet !
Sexy as hell ? I'll be damned.
Some angst maybe ? And drama.

And what the fuck are you still doing here ? Go read it!!!
Dynasty of Ghosts by P.L Nunn
Series: Original fiction
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00786
Frankly, I'm amazed that no one rec this here before.
It's THAT good.
First the summary: "A blood feud between warring kingdoms places a young man with the unique ability to see ghosts in a precarious situation, where only he might be able to save the prince heir."
The story is AMAZING.

What more can I say ?

That the characters are so well done that you ache with them ?
That the prose is nearly perfect and never tiring ?
That the story is completed and you don't have to wait for the next wonderful chapter ?
This is a gem ! A GEM !
You can't find that easily, you know. So don't pass it.
Experiment 9: Red and Black by mithmaulin
Series: Original fiction
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00787
Aaaaaaaaaah.... Geek Love...

"Kenneth C. Flagg puts unresolved sexual tension under the microscope."

Funny. Extremely funny. There are NO clichés in this story despite the High-school context.

And so sweet... Really cute, in a non-fluffy acerbic way.

Good time ahead.
A strange place in time. by Magic Rat
Series: Original fiction
Submitted by: Nabuca
Rec ID: 00788
"Biker John Arrowsmith leaves his home, following a strange urge to find an unknown place."

An unknow threat. A centuries-old mission. And a poor biker who doesn't quite know what hits him.

It's... a crazy story ! Not really because of the plot but because of the characters.
Insane, the lot of them.

Despite the madness hovering, there is a straight line plot, so we don't get lost, and can enjoy the ride with much pleasure.

Link free!

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