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They Just Don't by JMA
Series: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ron/?
Submitted by: Louise
Rec ID: 00761
This is darkfic at it's best. Ron keeps having flashbacks to a traumatic event in his past, but his mind won't let him deal with the truth of what happened.
Thingy by Sarah Perry
Series: M*A*S*H
Pairing: Charles/Klinger
Submitted by: Louise
Rec ID: 00762
WIP. Weird pairing, but a great fic.
Fragmented timeline, all revolving around September the 25th, where a tormented Charles seeks refuge with Klinger.
Hell Is A Silver Lady by JMA
Series: M*A*S*H
Pairing: Hawkeye/? Other
Submitted by: Louise
Rec ID: 00763
The unwanted memories, as seen by a wounded soldier, of the MA*S*H team are used as an interesting character exploration.
Game 22 by JMA
Series: M*A*S*H
Pairing: Trapper/ Frank, other
Submitted by: Louise
Rec ID: 00764
A messed up love triange forms between Trapper, Frank and Hawkeye.
Substitute by Thesseli
Series: Red Dwarf
Pairing: Lister/Rimmer
Submitted by: Louise
Rec ID: 00765
Beautiful and heartbreaking. Author's sumary: The things we do for love.

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