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On Hire by Lena
Series: Ai No Kusabi
Pairing: Iason/Riki, Raoul/Katze
Submitted by: Ija Ijevna
Rec ID: 01072
Author's summary is quite succint: "On Amoi pets' life means nothing. They are no more than a commodity which you can create... or kill if it pays."
It's a rare thing among Ai no Kusabi fanfiction - a fic with a fascinating plot, a fic that combines with equal measure good action, smart style, intelligent angst and a subtle humor. I cannot recommend it enough.
While on Lena's site, please check also her other fics. This girl is brilliant.
The Other Side by Shayne
Series: Ai No Kusabi
Pairing: Raoul/Guy Iason/Riki OC/OC
Submitted by: Ija Ijevna
Rec ID: 01073
Another action/adventure type fic. I hope it'll set the trend in new AnK fanfiction. Shayne in her summary wrote: "Coming back from the dead is easy; staying out of trouble... that's a whole 'nother story."
What do we have here? Everything I like - strong, intelligent characters, good portion of action, katanas (have you ever envisioned Guy with katana?), and a little bit of love.
Besides, I love Guy. He's the most unappreciated and misunderstood character of AnK. Shayne gave him back his dignity.

(And it has a sequel; still a WiP, though.)
Lost in Translation by Helen
Series: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Pairing: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan
Submitted by: Ija Ijevna
Rec ID: 01074
Two Jedi go on mission. One of them is then turned into the pleasure slave... Cliche, isn't it? No. It's not.
Helen took the most stupid cliche of the TPM fandom and made of it that brilliant, humorous story. It's funny. It's witty. It has a great style.
I heartily wish Helen wrote more in that fandom. Unfortunately "Lost in Translation" is a one-fic-stand. Enjoy!
Off the Cuff by Samvimes
Series: Discworld
Pairing: Vimes/Vetinari
Submitted by: Ija Ijevna
Rec ID: 01086
Discworld slash is rare. Good Discworld slash is even more rare. And Samvimes created a little jewel. He's true to Pratchett's world, Pratchett's style and Pratchett's characters. He makes me believe that the feelings of "Two Misters V" are canonical. No, it's not fluff. Nor angst. Go, find for yourselves. It would help, if you earlier had read "Nightwatch".
Killer in You by Lena aka Czmadzia
Series: Ai No Kusabi, Angel
Pairing: L Lawliett xLight Yagami
Submitted by: Ija Ijevna
Rec ID: 01470
All the Death Note is built on the "what if" and the surprising intelligence of its author. So does Lena's fic. She took a turning point of the series and made two fantastic alternative ways of diverging from that point. Both are sound, both are brilliant, both lead to a completely different future. Her characterisations are spot on, her plot is one of the best I've ever read, there's hope and humor in her angst, and quite a lot of thought in her houmor. Oh, did I say that's romance, too? Go, read. It's on her LJ and on F.F.Net.

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