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Fifteen Years by Aeridahl, aka imajiru mackenzie
Series: The Real Ghostbusters
Pairing: Pete Venkman/Egon Spengler; also Peter/OMC
Submitted by: Djinanna
Rec ID: 00832
Long, angsty story involving the full RGB cast to give us a rich, detailed look at the daily lives of the Ghostbusters.
But the story really starts 15 years ago, when Peter and Egon first met at college, a full year before Ray introduced him -- a year that the two of them have kept secret.
Start with in-the-closet Peter starting to date a new guy, add in the "closet door" being accidentally flung wide open in the aftermath of a 'bust, mix carefully with Egon's unexpected and uncharacteristic reaction to finding out about Peter's new lover, add in an amorous demon and some wise meddling by Winston, Ray and Janine, and soon all the secrets from the past come spilling out, alternately painful and sweetly touching.
This story never fails to make me cry, huge cathartic tears, and the way the relationship is portrayed between not only Peter and Egon but the whole gang is both lovely and real.

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