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The World According To Rover Series by Orithain and Rina
Series: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Main pairings are: McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka
Submitted by: Diayma
Rec ID: 01380
Author's Summary: Enemies, green beans, oatmeal, and a cart. Really.

Recommender's Summary: A very hilarious and heart-warming series of 31 stories that begin during the Season 1 episode Sanctuary and continue on till now. Very good read. Link leads to the first story in the series: Carts and Dogs
Right Hand by Little Mouse
Series: Chronicles of Riddick
Pairing: Riddick/Vaako
Submitted by: Diayma
Rec ID: 01381
Author's Summary: Riddick's looking for the best advisor he can get, Dame Vaako's looking for power, Vaako's looking for a way out...
Ordinary Boy by Caroline Crane
Series: Big Wolf on Campus
Pairing: Tommy/Merton
Submitted by: Diayma
Rec ID: 01382
Author's Summary: AU. It's never a good idea to fall for the captain of the football team

Because links expire...here's the new link to her wonderful BWoC story.
New York by Shedoc
Series: Sentinel
Pairing: Very mild Jim/Blair
Submitted by: Diayma
Rec ID: 01415
Recommender's Note: Technically considered 'gen', this is a really well written Sentinel fic that all but borders the 'gen'/'pre-slash' area. It's a good read for all Sentinel fans.

Fic Summary: Blair gets a surprise: a three year old son he never knew he had.

Read, it is much better than I make it sound
Right In Front Of Me by Orithain and Rina
Series: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Submitted by: diayma
Rec ID: 01558
Rodney McKay as a Sentinel and John Sheppard is his guide...though neither know. Very good story that I cannot describe enough. Go. Read. You won't regret it.

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