These are the stories submited and the legend they answer. To see the stories of a specific edition, just click on the edition number.

# Legend Edition
1 Adulterous couple gets stuck in automobile during tryst.
In Flagrante Delicto by Kris (McKay/Sheppard) 2
3 A well-guarded car proves not to be so well guarded after all when it's found one morning turned around in its parking spot, sporting a "If we want it, we'll take it" note from the mischievous thieves.
Cohesion by stillane (McKay/Sheppard) 1
9 Statues bow or call out messages when a virgin walks by.
Like a Virgin by sp23 (McKay/Sheppard) 1
To Resist by cassiejamie (McKay/Beckett) 1
11 Famous psychic predicts Halloween murder on campus.
Silence Implying Sound by trinityofone (McKay/Sheppard) 1
The Masked Man by angelic_mand (Weir/Teyla) 1
12 University of Texas student loses both kidneys to organ thieves.
Living Conditions by minnow1212 (McKay/Sheppard) 1
15 Summer intern at prestigious law firm sends embarrassing message to co-workers.
Business as Usual by angelic_mand (Weir/Teyla) 1
16 Japanese software replaces Microsoft error messages with haiku poetry.
Reflect, Repent, Reboot by lilac_way (McKay/Sheppard) 1
22 Gang members are depositing a deadly mixture of LSD and strychnine on pay phone buttons.
Voices by arionchan (McKay/Sheppard) 1
29 Some older model cordless phones call 911 by themselves when their batteries are dying.
Distraction by laceymcbain (McKay/Sheppard) 1
31 A serial killer in Baton Rouge lures women from their homes by playing a recording of a crying baby.
Fool Me Once by bluflamingo (McKay/Sheppard) 2
34 Seeing eye dog named Lucky causes the deaths of four of his owners.
Lucky's Hitlist by fathomlessspite (McKay/Sheppard) 2
36 Destructive act is blamed on convenient pet.
The Relative Merits of Wanting and Getting by cupidsbow (McKay/Sheppard) 1
Planck Trouble by piratepurple (McKay/Sheppard) 2
38 Family pet startles man by sticking its cold nose into his genitals.
Pants Recommended by strifechaos (McKay/Sheppard) 1
42 Swedish navy mistakes minks for enemy submarines.
The Relative Merits of Wanting and Getting by cupidsbow (McKay/Sheppard) 1
47 Woman is impregnated by octopus eggs.
Caviar by Kris (Lorne/Ronon) 2
48 A man stuck in cat door without his pants is mistaken for a work of art.
Diplomatic Incident no.25 by thesh_t (McKay/Sheppard) 1
49 A man who tries to retrieve his morning newspaper in the altogether is inadvertently locked out of his home.
Pleasant Surprises by sakuracorr (McKay/Sheppard) 1
55 Mountain Dew will shrink testicles and lower sperm count.
Yellow No. 5 by honey_babes (McKay/Beckett) 1
59 Chanting "Bloody Mary!" thirteen times in front of a candlelit mirror will summon a vengeful spirit.
Vengeance Is Mine by flubber2kool (Mckay/Zelenka) 2
64 Roto-Rooter men find lots of strange things found in customers' drains.
Untitled by krysalys (McKay/Sheppard) 2
70 Young man discovers pharmacist who sold him condoms is his date's father.
Artistry in Chaos by mandysbitch (Mckay/Sheppard) 1
Meeting His Father by flubber2kool (McKay/Sheppard) 2
77 Man dressed as superhero knocks himself unconscious after tying wife to bed.
Another Typical Day by teh_gandu (Weir/Teyla) 1
86 A man who has had an embryo implanted in his abdomen is engaged in the world's first human male pregnancy.
John Sheppard, Alien Vessel by odannygirl7 (McKay/Sheppard) 1
89 Green M&Ms are an aphrodisiac.
The Green Ones by lillyjk (McKay/Sheppard) 1
DVDs and Green M&Ms by cassiejamie (McKay/Sheppard/Beckett) 1
90 The drug clomipramine can cause orgasms in yawning patients.
Clomipramine by Kris (McKay/Sheppard) 1
94 Couple accidentally returns erotic tape of themselves to video store.
Dr. Beckett and the Naughty Patient by lillyjk (McKay/Sheppard/Beckett) 1
DVDs and Green M&Ms by cassiejamie (McKay/Sheppard) 1
Technical Errors by lttledvl (McKay/Zelenka) 2
101 An American tourist picked up pacing outside a foreign hotel is mistaken for a streetwalker; she avoids going to jail by purchasing a license to practice prostitution.
Double-Oh-McKay: License to Love? by Spikedluv (McKay/Sheppard) 1
106 Waterproof sunscreen causes blindness.
You'll Go Blind by isiscolo (McKay/Sheppard) 1
107 Airplane pilot's risqué comment into open mike is overheard by passengers.
Basic Needs by skeddy_kat (McKay/Sheppard) 1
110 Bug enters person's ear and eats its way through his brain.
Snug as a Bug by maverick4oz (McKay/Sheppard) 1
112 Bride-to-be sends over-the-top list of instructions to her attendants.
These Things, They Happen by threequarters (McKay/Sheppard) 1
115 Tampon used to stanch deadly wound saves Marine's life.
Bent by sian1359 (McKay/Sheppard) 2
117 The military puts saltpeter in the food and drink of enlisted men to control their sexual urges.
Thanatology, or, God's Play by soleta (McKay/Sheppard) 2
118 Cake inscriptions gone wrong.
Taking the Cake by miasnape (McKay/Sheppard) 2
128 Cars equipped with remote keyless entry systems can be unlocked via cell phone.
Not in the Manual by lavvyan (McKay/Sheppard) 2
150 Kryptonite brand locks can be picked with ordinary Bic pens.
Jokes, Pranks, and Scientists by cassiejamie (McKay/Sheppard) 2
154 Tranquilizer given to cat causes opposite reaction.
Not an Appropriate Use of your Employers Resources by cryptocat (McKay/Dex) 2
160 The Oregon Department of Transportation blew up a dead whale.
A Whale of a Tale by bubbleslayer (McKay/Dex) 2
179 For twenty-five years, two brothers-in-law traded the same pair of gift pants back and forth between them, each time finding more inventive ways to wrap them.
The Sister's Uncle's Third-Grade Teacher's Brotherhood of the Size 40 x 32 Green-Striped Polyester Traveling Pants; or, Can You Really Inherit a Joke? by yin_again (McKay/Sheppard) 2
181 Couple is caught taking risqué pictures in an amusement park photo booth.
Snapshot by chaps1870 (McKay/Sheppard) 2
192 Brain-damaged LSD user believes himself to be glass of orange juice.
Reaction by goddess47 (McKay/Sheppard) 2
237 Pilot locks himself out of the cockpit and has to use a fire axe to get back to the controls.
Anything that can go wrong, will... by lttledvl (McKay/Sheppard) 2