1. The challenge is open to all kinds of Stargate Atlantis slash fiction, male or female, including threesomes and moresomes.
  2. When signing up, you have to choose an urban legend from the list and a slash pairing. Each urban legend can be claimed up to 3 times, but only once by pairing. For example: User X can claim legend 1 for a McKay/Sheppard story. User Y can too claim legend 1, but for another pairing, like Beckett/McKay. User Z can claim legend 2 for a McKay/Sheppard story.
  3. If you participated in the first edition, you can not claim the same legend again.
  4. You're free to use the legend in any way you want, as long as it is the key part of your story. It can be inspired by it, it can be a re-enacting of it, it can be a flashback, an off-world situation or whatever you want, but the legend has to be there. Also, since the specifics of some of these legends are unavailable in Atlantis (for example, a car, unless you choose to set the story on Earth or in a Pegasus planet that has cars) or the sex of the legend's protagonist may not match your slash pairing, you can adapt them to suit the Atlantis universe and your chosen pairing's gender but, please, keep the spirit of the legend.
  5. The story can be any rating you want, humorous or serious, dark or silly, canon or AU, long or short. Let your imagination run!
  6. The story has to be a new one. You can't pass a previously published story as part of the challenge. The story has to be previously unpublished.
  7. Legend/pairing combos are assigned in a first come first served base: the first one who claims it, gets it. *
  8. When signing up, you can only claim one legend and pairing. However, if you wish more, you can also option two additional legend/pairings. When signup closes, if nobody else has asked for them, you can have them too. If you get more of one legend/pairing, you can combine them in one story if you wish or you can write separate stories for each. You can not, however, use the same legend in two different stories.
  9. Even though this challenge is run on Livejournal, you don't need a Livejournal account to participate. You only need an e-mail address.
  10. The sign-up period lasts from August 20th to August 27th, 2007.
  11. The stories are due on November 11th, 2007. On that day, please post your story to jour Livejournal (or other journal), personal page or to an archive (if you don't have any other place) and send me an email to with the link to the story. I'll post them all in a master list on the due date.

* Note: If you want to keep track of which legends and pairings are taken, I'll be marking them as soon as posible in the legends page.

If you agree to the rules, go to the sign-up section.