Urban legends are fun. All of us have heard of one at one point or another. Though most of them are false, that didn't change the fact that they're fun or interesting ideas.

Ever imagined McKay and Sheppard stuck in a Putdlejumper in a compromising position? Or what Carson's reaction would be if a statue bowed out when he passed by? Or what would happen if Elizabeth's compromising email got by accident sent to everybody? Or if an Ancient device started calling control center by itself? Or if the team found themselves in a planet with a deadly initation ritual? Or if they found blind albino cocodriles in the bowels of Atlantis?

That's the idea behind the Atlantis Urban Legend Slash Challenge. The first edition ran on Livejournal from December 2005 to March 2006 and produced a batch of very interesting stories.

The second edition ran on Livejournal from August 20th to November 11th, 2007, and now you can see the stories of this second edition here! Many thanks to all who participated!